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Burning in the Dark            
Dose Of Misery                
Searching For Your Light
Come Dance With Me      
Rhythm King
Simon Says                      

Bobby Cadmus has twice appeared in Guitar Player Magazine.


August 2007 Editor Boy's Big Eight 
Bobby Cadmus Band Phoenixville Pennsylvania "Simon Says"

"Cadmus attacks this track with energy and almost "off-the-rails" abandon, as well as some spicy bends that cut across the groove. It’s pretty exciting stuff, with a lot of slinky moves, note flurries, Southern-rock-influenced riffery, and a guitar tone that’s drenched in the aura of ’70s arena rock.


-Michael Molenda

Editor In Chief


July 2010 An Uptown Sound

Teacher and player Bobby Cadmus sent in this groovy turnaround for either a Bb blues or Rhythm Changes."It outlines the b9 on the G7 and F7 as well as all the other chord tones in every measure," he says. "Dig the partial descending sweeps on the last two measures. Try memorizing in several keys and you now have a head-turning turnaround riff at your fingertips!"


-Matt Blackett

Associate Editor

Live in the Studio "The Rhythm King" , this version is previously unreleased
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